Humane Transport Regulations

March 30, 2020

Ethical pig transport at Braun Meat Processors


The amendments to the Transportation of Animals requirements under the Health of Animals Regulations improve the well-being of animals during the entire transportation process, keeping in mind Canada’s geographic size and the time required to travel between locations.

Many years of consultation with veterinarians, farmers, transporters, associations, scientists, governments, members of the public and interested stakeholder groups Regulations apply to everyone involved in transporting animals in Canada Full range of enforcement and compliance

IMPROVEMENTS (starting in 2020)

  • Science-based

  • Longer rest periods

  • Must arrive at destination safely and be suitably fed, hydrated and rested

  • Full transport time (including loading and unloading) from time off feed, water and rest Balance of prescriptive and outcome-based requirements

  • Outlines training requirements and contingency plans Better aligned to international standards

  • Shorter hours for many animals

  • Addresses compromised animals and unfit animals

  • Addresses broiler chickens, spent hens, and rabbits

  • Addresses young animals

  • Allows for innovation

Humane transport regulations graph