Fee Changes to Cut, Wrap & Freeze

October 6, 2020

Vancouver island farmers, Jim & Catherine Gowans

After many years operating our own farm and seeing the increased demand for local meat processing, we bought Braun Custom Meat Processors in 2018 with two main objectives in mind. 

Firstly, we felt it most important to keep this vital utility going in our community. Small abattoirs like ours and others on Vancouver Island have their origins in the family farm and this is one of the main attractions Braun had for us. A place where animals are well cared for in a quiet environment, processed humanely with the assurance of government inspection for owners selling their meat to an ever-increasing local market and staff paid a living wage year-round. We believe these are values shared by our customers as we work at near full capacity. 

Secondly, our deep roots in agriculture inform a responsibility to mentor the next generation. This has become a big challenge on Vancouver Island as land prices become a barrier to ownership and skills training less available through post-secondary institutions or apprentice systems. 

The business has become highly regulated, workers are hard to find, and customers want more personalized attention. A long-standing hide market no longer exists and so a source of revenue has now become a significant cost for disposal fees to the landfill. 

Nearly three years of operating has illuminated gaps in revenue which are a threat to the future of our business. We give you this information as background to several fee increases effective October 5, 2020. 

Fee changes to Cut, Wrap & Freeze

Beef: Butchers Preferred Choice and Custom cuts $1.25/lb.
Pork: Butchers Preferred Choice and Custom cuts $1.25/lb.
Lamb: Slaughter $60/head. $1.60/lb, $80 minimum CWF fee. 

We understand these cost increases may be significant for your operations and that this will likely require you to adjust your customer contracts and plans. We appreciate that as business owners. We are committed to providing a sustainable service for the farming community and require adequate revenues to remain viable. 

We thank you for your trust in the future of agriculture and for your business. 

- Jim & Catherine Gowans